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The Perfect Photograph

  What is the definition of the perfect photograph?  As a photographer, I often find myself in conversations with my clients regarding their definition of the perfect photograph. Though we all seek a flawless image, we also […]

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A Good Cause: Help Kids Succeed

Today’s blog is a bit different from my usual photography topics. However, I am using this platform to reach out and bring people together for a good cause.              In honor […]

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A Photographers Dress Code

Once in a while I am asked why I dress in black to do photo shoots, especially weddings. While many photographers have options of what they feel is proper attire, I however chose to follow the general […]

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Excessive Photoshopping

As a photographer I am expected to deliver the most memorable and highest quality images possible to my clients. However, I do have to admit that from time to time I sigh* when I hear someone ask, […]

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Making photoshoots beautiful and fun!

Preparing for a photo shoot can be somewhat stressful. Part of my job is to make the experience as fun and relaxed as possible. I know photo-shoots can be intimidating, may be seen as boring and […]

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