A Good Cause: Help Kids Succeed

Today’s blog is a bit different from my usual photography topics. However, I am using this platform to reach out and bring people together for a good cause.             

In honor of my son’s 2nd birthday, we will be collecting school supplies which will be donated to the Segunda Unidad Francisco Vicenty Elementary School in the rural area of Bucarabones, Maricao, PR. Many of the children live in families with income just above the poverty threshold. Students depend on the kindness of their teachers to provide the materials needed for the school year. Our goal is to help teachers cover some of the classroom expenses. The average teacher can spend almost $500 a year in classroom supplies. The school is not only greatly underfunded but teachers can also go without pay for months at the time, making it difficult for them to purchase much needed materials. However, their passion for teaching does not keep them from building a foundation to help and educated children.

I am also taking this opportunity to teach my child philanthropic values. To me it is important to help our children understand what it means to give and the importance of sharing. 

Stay tune for event photos…

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