A Photographers Dress Code

image1-36Once in a while I am asked why I dress in black to do photo shoots, especially weddings. While many photographers have options of what they feel is proper attire, I however chose to follow the general rule of thumb which is to NOT STAND OUT. I usually wear black slacks and a black blouse, but in order to not look like I’m going to a funeral I will wear my favorite pair of Iron Fist “Kill Me Later” Skull flats. They are usually a great conversation piece and a great way to get guests to feel more comfortable around me.

A Dress Code for photographers is basically to wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes. Most photographers will work 8-12 hours a day, sometimes 15, running, climbing and crawling through fields, rocks, you name it,  in good or bad weather in order to get that memorable photograph. I have even found myself from time to time on the dance floor with the bride, groom & guests.

Overall, I am basically a walking advertisement for my brand. So it is important and I look good, yet professional while wearing my own personal style. Now, when in doubt about what to wear, just ask.

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